(IRS) Travel Reimbursement Policies: What you need to know!

In keeping with the IRS mission of providing America’s taxpayers with top-quality service by helping you understand and meet your tax responsibilities, the office of Federal, State and Local Governments will host a phone forum on May 28th at 2:30 p.m.to assist you in determining the proper tax treatment of various allowances and reimbursement payments.

To learn more, we cordially invite you to attend the “Travel Reimbursement Policies: What you need to know!” Phone Forum.  This forum is tailored for federal, state and local government board members and employers, payroll and benefits administrators.

During this 60-minute presentation we will cover:

  • Accountable plan rules
  • Payment not covered under an accountable plan
  • Board member payments or stipends
  • Car allowance payment policy
  • Meal allowances
  • Fringes benefits

You can register at Travel Reimbursement Policies Phone Forum. Please register as soon as possible because space is limited.

If you have any travel reimbursement or allowance payments questions, please e-mail them to:te.ge.fslg.outreach@irs.gov by May 21, 2013, and we will try to answer them during the phone forum. Please use the subject line: Travel Reimbursement Policies.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you on May 28th.