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June 2014
Interesting Fact: June has the Longest Daylight Hours of any Month!
Tax Information for Students Who Take a Summer Job

Many students take a job in the summer after school lets out. If it’s your first job it gives you a chance to learn about the working world. That includes taxes we pay to support the place where we live, our state and our nation. Here are eight things that students who take a summer job should […]

Tax owed on full sale price where taxpayer won’t provide cost basis information

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a deficiency notice of more than $5 million against a taxpayer who reported adjusted gross income of $22,921 and taxable income of $13,221 on his late-filed 2006 return (Hoang, No. 13-14398 (11th Cir. 5/2/14), aff’g T.C. Memo. 2013-127). Diep Hoang’s 2006 tax return was due Oct. 15, 2007, […]

Simplified Option Available for Claiming the Home Office Deduction

Starting in tax year 2013, people with home-based businesses can choose a new simplified option for figuring the deduction for business use of a home, commonly referred to as the home office deduction. The new optional deduction, capped at $1,500 per year based on $5 a square foot for up to 300 square feet, will […]

Make Plans Now for Next Year’s Tax Return (IRS)

Most people stop thinking about taxes after they file their tax return. But there’s no better time to start tax planning than right now. And it’s never too early to set up a smart recordkeeping system. Here are six IRS tips to help you start to plan for this year’s taxes: 1. Take action when life […]

Eight Facts about Penalties for Filing and Paying Late

April 15 was the tax day deadline for most people. If you’re due a refund there’s no penalty if you file a late tax return. But if you owe taxes and you fail to file and pay on time, you’ll usually owe interest and penalties on the taxes you pay late. Here are eight facts […]